Wednesday, September 17, 2008

An Old Bead: A New Necklace

Well not that old since I made them about 1 ½ to 2 years ago but never used them. Lampworking beads were my first introduction to glass work but some where along the way I ended up fusing glass more and more often putting the flame behind me. I stored these beads in a box, which got buried in my bottom drawer. I just recently dug this box out and it reminded me of how much I use to love to make them. I don’t know why I never lit the torch again and why I pay a rental fee every month for the huge tank of oxygen other then I knew I would revisit it some day. So I finally decided to make some of them into jewelry so someone else can enjoy them as much as I do. Here I have taken 3 Lampworked hearts of clear and pink and wired wrapped with sterling silver wire to make a great dangle for my “Heart Throb Necklace”. I also added some small pink beads to embellish the sterling silver chain. A great necklace for that special occasion or even every day wears.
Heart Throb necklace available at

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