Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Perfect Un-Flaw

When I hear the word flaw I want to scream!! Yes sure the word does belong to certain things like I hope the car or airplane parts don’t have flaws as this is cause for a dangerous situation. I am talking about when people look at art with a fine tooth comb and all they can see or point out are what some may call “flaws”. I am a firm believer in Un-perfection (no I didn’t spell that wrong). In Un-perfection there is no perfect or flaws just different. Your perfection may not be mine. So who is to say what’s perfect anyways. I love unexpected un-flaws that happen in glass
when I fuse such as air bubbles or an odd shape. These so called flaws give the piece
more character so in my eyes its an un-flaw. So to all you perfectionist out there instead
of looking at the negative find a positive first, it may open your eyes to a whole world you have never seen. Try some un-perfection today!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Happy Summer Sale!!!!

Help me celebrate Summer by giving to you. From now until June 22 get a FREE 16 inch black or brown leather cord with the purchase of 2 glass pendants from my Etsy shop. It's a great time to pick up a gift for someone and then save one for yourself.

Happy Summer!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Glass And Silver Ooh La La!

I personally am a lover of all things glass and beads are no exception and that’s why I want to share some beautiful beads made by Susan Lambert of . I love her Italian Egg beads that have silver in them, which reacts with the glass and leaves such a nice look to it. She makes a base bead and then rolls it in fine silver and adds color dots to give them the finishing touch. Susan has been designing Jewelry since 1993, selling in galleries and art shows. She also studied metal smithing for 5 years. So why not stop by Susan’s Etsy store and say hello. You can also find Susan’s blog at

And her flickr

she is also a member of Etsy glass artists

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Fun, Whimsical and Full of Life

Is how I would describe this talented Glass Artists, Shoozles, and her latest design is just that. Shoozles Fused Glass Robot Pendants are the cutest. With handmade fused glass bodies which she makes herself and then wire wraps with sterling silver wire to add the arm, legs and head. She then gives her special touch with specialized paint to add more character and attitude to the piece.These can be worn on a chain or cord or even hang from your rear view mirror. I am always amazed how fast Shoozles comes up with new designs that are always full of life and as her motto states Shoozles makes some great “Wearable Art”. is where you can find her and all her fine Glass Artwork. Also a proud member of a collective of fine glass artists.