Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Perfect Un-Flaw

When I hear the word flaw I want to scream!! Yes sure the word does belong to certain things like I hope the car or airplane parts don’t have flaws as this is cause for a dangerous situation. I am talking about when people look at art with a fine tooth comb and all they can see or point out are what some may call “flaws”. I am a firm believer in Un-perfection (no I didn’t spell that wrong). In Un-perfection there is no perfect or flaws just different. Your perfection may not be mine. So who is to say what’s perfect anyways. I love unexpected un-flaws that happen in glass
when I fuse such as air bubbles or an odd shape. These so called flaws give the piece
more character so in my eyes its an un-flaw. So to all you perfectionist out there instead
of looking at the negative find a positive first, it may open your eyes to a whole world you have never seen. Try some un-perfection today!

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