Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Remember, Reflect and Refine today!

Inspirations come from many different sources and today I was inspired by a picture of triplets from a fellow Etsy Glass Artists group member and someone I would call my friend. I Believe we draw strengths from inside that we never knew we had and how we get thru tough times by the skin of our chin. We never remember how difficult it really was or most of us would be an only child. Instead we focus on happy memories or something that really sticks out and as I get older I can really appreciate all those things I heard older family members say that I never understood. Even when times are tough I know I have my terrific kids, a great husband and some outstanding family and friends to rely on. Some times it good to just stop, remember and cherish life for today and everything you have lived thru so far. So my philosophy for today is Remember, Reflect and Refine today!