Monday, April 14, 2008

A Story and a Pendant

This is part of a new story and pendant line I am now making. I hope you enjoy the adventure of our great Warrior Zachius, as there will be more to come.
The Lost Pendant Of Warrior Zachius
Zachius was a young but well traveled warrior who fought and won many battles. Fighting for the right to make and sell handmade items. Some thought the battle was lost since Zachius was never seen again and his pendant that he wore for good luck was found while excavating in Antas, the last reported battle he fought in. As you can see the pendant is not whole after many years of battle not to mention being hit by an arrow to save Zachius's life more than once, this is all that remains. But if the rumors are true Zachius is alive and well and still fighting under an assumed name.If you look close you can still see The Great Warrior staring back at you. Help support this warriors cause and buy handmade.
It is wire wrapped with antiqued copper wire, strung on a 26" black leather cord with a leather and bead accent.