Thursday, February 21, 2008

Luck of the Irish

Just in time for St Patricks Day my gorgeous Green Fused Glass four leaf clover. Who doesnt need a little luck?

Front Page of Etsy

Here's a screen shot of my very first debut on Etsy's front page.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ready, Set, Fuse

I was feeling energetic and decided to load up the Kiln with each color of my new glass my husband bought me for Christmas. Did I mention it was a huge glass pack and came with an assortment of transparent and solid colors in fact 45/lbs of glass. I start cutting and get thru the solid colors and decide I will only do them on this trip. For each piece you normally use 3 pieces of glass.
The bottom piece – usually consisting of a solid so you cant see thru the piece or any color of your choosing
The Middle piece- is the decorative piece like dichroic glass or a transparent of any color. Remember this will sit on top of your bottom piece so see what looks best.
The top layer - most the time its clear to give depth and brilliance to your work but sometimes you can change it up a little and use what I call wispy glass or glasses with frit inside.
It’s really all up to you and it fun to experiment and try out new ideas and combinations.
On this trip I made 47 pieces each consisting of 3 layers so in all I cut 141 pieces of glass. Cleaned each piece one by one as I set them on the journey for there first firing. Here is picture of my loaded kiln.